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Happynet client, install one at home and one in the office, set it up quickly, and access remote office anytime, anywhere. (๑¯◡¯๑)

About Us

Through HAPPYN's service, you can establish connections between any internet-connected devices anywhere in the world.

  • Access and connect freely between local, cloud, desktop, and mobile devices anytime and anywhere.
  • Prioritize using peer-to-peer (P2P) connections for data transmission between devices.
  • In cases where direct connections are not possible on your devices, use HAPPYN's service for fast and stable data relay.
  • Utilize industrial-strength encryption algorithms to ensure the privacy and security of your data.
  • You are in control of your data, and no third-party snooper, including HAPPYN, can access or view your data.
HAPPYN makes the internet simpler.

Indeed, there are numerous tools available to help people with tasks such as intranet penetration, establishing private networks, and port mapping services. Some notable examples include Zerotier, Tailscale, N2N, FRP, Ngrok, inlets, Cloudflare Tunnel, and inebula, among others.

HAPPYN aims to integrate these services, eliminating the need for cumbersome deployment and a dedicated, long-term stable VPS. With HAPPYN, you can easily access and control your devices from anywhere and on any device, making it simple and convenient.

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Our Vision

Connect to a smarter life with digital technology.

Simplify - Link all your internet devices, just like a group chat.100%
Swiftly - We hope to stream applications on Happyn in the future.100%
Stability - Handling all your network connectivity issues for you.100%
Security - Your data, your control.100%


HAPPYN supports running on various platforms.


To access our HAPPYN service on Windows, please follow these steps:

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To access our HAPPYN service on Linux, please follow these steps:

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To access our HAPPYN service on Android, please follow these steps:

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To access our HAPPYN service on MacOS, please follow these steps:



To access our HAPPYN service on IOS, please follow these steps:



To access our HAPPYN service on Openwrt, please follow these steps:



To access our HAPPYN service on NAS, please follow these steps:



To access our HAPPYN service on Docker, please follow these steps:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

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  • The free package's data seems to be too limited. Is it sufficient for personal use?

    The author personally tried numerous intranet penetration tools. The service provided by HAPPYN aims to establish connections between devices using P2P as much as possible, which consumes very little data. After extensive testing, it was found that under the current domestic network environment, only mobile 4G connections in situations where direct connections are not possible consume relatively large amounts of data. In typical home and office networks, P2P direct connections are successful, so there is no need to worry. HAPPYN is currently in the internal testing phase, and if it is found that the current data limit in the packages does not meet the customers' needs, they will quickly adjust the data limits accordingly.

  • The functionality is the same, but we support P2P networking. With P2P, if you have two devices capable of establishing a connection, data will not go through intermediary servers—this way, the upload bandwidth of your home broadband can be efficiently utilized. We have tested most home and corporate broadband connections, and even behind NAT, the success rate of establishing P2P connections is very high. Although there are solutions that offer integrated hardware and software, they can be quite expensive and not suitable for individual users. If you need to expose your home NAS to the internet or establish connectivity between machines at home or in your organization, PUGONGYING's deployment cost is relatively higher, and it requires an additional router. In comparison, our solution only requires the installation of a client, making it much simpler.

  • We use Tencent Cloud's regular line for the free service, and Tencent Cloud's BGP line for the paid service. We plan to open an enterprise service in the future, using Tencent Cloud's premium BGP. You can first experience the free service, which is sufficient for most scenarios.

  • If the punching can be done normally, then your bandwidth and traffic actually depend on the bandwidth of the client on both ends. At this time, the server no longer calculates the traffic. The speed is still acceptable within the same operator across regions; for different operators, such as China Unicom and China Telecom, sometimes there needs to be a transfer. You can try the free package first.

  • Currently, 30Mbps is shared among multiple users; therefore, each user's individual device will not reach 30Mbps. Our goal is to ensure that each user's single device can achieve 10Mbps. In the future, the bandwidth will be upgraded gradually to better guarantee this aspect.Currently, the price of commercial bandwidth is still high, so we are working hard to achieve a balance. We aim to address the cost issue by maximizing user capacity and using the platform to smooth out peak and off-peak demands.

  • Unfortunately, we currently only provide networking functions. Once all your devices are connected to the same local area network through happyn, you can choose your preferred remote control software, which generally offers direct IP connectivity. For example, on the Windows platform, after enabling remote sharing, you can easily use the mstsc tool for RDP connections, or use streaming software such as or moonlight. At this time, the underlying network is using happyn's service.

  • No. After the data usage exceeds the limit, we will impose certain restrictions on your network bandwidth, but applications with low data consumption like SSH will not be affected. If you are using a P2P connection, it will not cause any impact either. Once the data usage is reset to zero next month, the service will resume normal operation.

  • The original intention of HAPPYN was to provide cost-effective and convenient services for our friends. We believe that with the background of network speed improvement, the domestic bandwidth cost will gradually decrease. Therefore, in the future, we hope that the cost of paid users can cover the usage cost of free users, and we will strive to continue operating. Of course, we cannot guarantee 100%, and we also hope that our friends can provide more suggestions and support.


HAPPYN provides cost-effective services for you


?Per Year

  • Create up to 10 network
  • Exclusive 30Mbps bandwidth
  • Monthly limit of 1000GB data usage
  • Each network supports a maximum of 254 devices
  • Premium BGP line
  • Technical Support: Forum/Ticket/Customer Service Hotline
  • Exclusive Domain Name
  • Port Mapping Service
  • DHCP Service


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us:


+86 17321194241